Janneke Ritchie

Janneke Ritchie is an expert in helping organizations navigate the challenges and opportunities in adopting disruptive technologies such as robots, RPA and AI. She has a keen eye for the next big thing in technology and its impact on people. As the founder and CEO of Orange Gate, a design studio and innovation lab, Janneke is committed to helping clients realize the promised value of their technology investments.

Keynote robots are coming. Are you ready? Janneke Ritchie

 Prepare your organization to adopt disruptive technologies

Janneke Ritchie is the founder and CEO of Orange Gate. Her organization specializes in developing customized apps that redefine how people and technology interact. Janneke has a keen eye for the next big thing in technology adoption. She’s a communications, organizational change and IT governance expert with experience in helping organizations in financial, IT, pharmaceutical, and resource industries generate business value from the latest technologies.

Janneke is recognized for her innovative thinking, collaboration skills and original approach to addressing technology disruption in the workplace. She is committed to finding creative ways for people and robots to work together.


Countries and languages

  • Countries : Canada, United States, Singapore, The Netherlands
  • Language : English