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Robots in our life


Robots in our lives and at work

Robots in care

Robots as a tool in healthcare, what may we expect?

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Technology is developing rapidly. We increasingly use technology in addition to our human skills. Smart devices make our lives easier but also more complex. It is up to us to give direction to what we want with technology and the impact on people, organisations and society. Tension and cooperation between man and technology is the theme of this century.


People are fascinated by new possibilities, but perhaps there is also fear. For their job, for the unknown or that they don’t know and understand the technology. People need to learn to understand new technology, to experience it and to imagine about it in order to come up with new ideas (create). We help companies working in the world of yesterday and today to make a step into the world of tomorrow and the day after tomorrow; innovation through imagination. Read more

Robot rentals

Spice up your event and invite one of our robots to the stage! We provide services mainly in the Netherlands, Germany and Belgium. Our robots are fluent in English, Dutch and German.

Care Robots 

Robotics, Home Automation and E-Health will have a big impact on our care system. Let us inspire you how technology can help your clients live an independent life.

Robot Academy

Inspire your audience with a keynote presentation, workshop or masterclass on the latest developments in technology and robotics. Our focus is exponential technology, artificial intelligence and robots

Consumer robots is our website with an overview and the latest news about consumer robots and how they will help us in life.

Impression of our activities

The video below gives an impression of our activities at innovation events. Keynotes, workshops and innovation are the key words with which we surprise employees and visitors to discover the possibilities of robots.