TrendOne and RobotXperience will work together in robotics and trend and innovation services. During La Futura Netherlands, the event of joint trend watchers, the companies announced their collaboration. The companies share the vision that they want to make consumers and companies understand and experience technology.

TrendOne’s partner for the Netherlands

RobotXperience will become TrendOne’s partner for the Netherlands and will share knowledge about trends and innovations through keynotes and workshops, advice to organisations and subscriptions to the TrendExplorer database. Internationally, the companies work together at innovation events to get acquainted with robots and smart technology.

The German firm TrendOne investigates trends and technology innovations worldwide and shares insights with customers to inspire new business models and with its consulting team they help organizations from trends to innovations. The Dutch company RobotXperience informs and inspires consumers and companies about robotics and helps companies to think about innovation with technology.

What will be the big megatrends in the coming years?

Randall van Poelvoorde, founder of RobotXperience and speaker about exponential technology:”Technology is becoming so small and smart that it’ turns’ more and more in the background. Voice recognition (especially Amazon and Google) will be used in many devices. Your refrigerator, TV and smart speakers hear what you say and communicate back in speech where possible, and with images wherever you need them. These technologies are increasingly unobtrusively present, we call them’ Shy Tech’.

Trendexplorer - trend shy tech

Randall continues:”Shy Tech” generates large amounts of data. After all, the devices are always on hand to listen to whether they are being asked for something, and continuous data is sent and stored in the cloud. This data is used by technology companies to gain even better insight into consumer behaviour and needs. As a result, we will also see developments in the Distrust Society. People are becoming increasingly aware of the amount of information that companies and institutions have and what abuses are possible. Consumers start to ask themselves:’ What happens to my data? What do they all know? Combine this with the large amounts of misinformation that people feel and see and you have a recipe for an ever stronger “distrust”.

What you can see is that the various technological developments are very closely interlinked. More devices lead to more data, more data to more information and through artificial intelligence to more knowledge, more personalised customer service and personalized robots and smart devices. The core of this is understanding the coherence of these developments and talking to each other about the future with technology that we as humanity want. Not only do we continue the current way in which we use and deploy everything simply because it is possible. In my opinion, public authorities will therefore have to play an important role in further regulation,”says Randall van Poelvoorde.

What trends will become reality in 2018?

Randall van Poelvoorde:”Self-propelled robots in the working environment. In America, a robot has been developed that can carry out the transport of food, medicines and medical devices autonomously in a hospital. The robot calculates the fastest route to the destination and avoids people and obstacles. At Tokyo airport in Tokyo, robots will provide visitors to the airport in four languages during the Olympic Games in Japan in 2020.

Nils Müller, CEO of TrendOne:”Voice commerce; companies like Amazon and Google are fully committed to this with the Alexa and Google Home. In my opinion, Alexa as an open platform offers the greatest opportunities for companies and can also help as a smart assistant in the office.

About RobotXperience and TrendOne

RobotXperience has been informing companies and consumers about robotics since 2009 through websites, workshops and events. RobotXperience allows people to become actively acquainted with robots in our life, work and care. With a team of robot professionals and an extensive pool of robots and smart technology, the company organises more than 200 keynotes and events every year in the Netherlands, Germany and various other European countries.

TrendOne is a market leader in trend research and has been working with a global team of trend scouts since 2002 to compile the extensive database and trend reports with more than 40,000 global innovations. With inspiring keynotes, presentations, workshops and’ future space’, TrendOne inspires customers to develop new business models.