Why an innovation pop-up?

With the Innovation Pop-Up week you will give your organization an inspiration boost. When it comes to the deployment of new technologies in your services, this week will be the perfect kick-off. We guarantee your employees, customers and partners will far better understand trends and new technologies. 

Our Innovation Pop-Up increases the motivation of your employees because they actively participate. We offer a platform that can involve your relations, will provide media exposure and contribute strongly to the branding of your organization as an innovative working environment. 


Innovation pop-up week

With the Innovation pop-up week you are sure to give your organization a 3 to 5 days inspiration boost. When it comes to the deployment of new technology in your services, this event wil ignite your employees.We guarantee an increase in technology understanding and lots of inspiration because we help people experience many relevant technologies first-hand.

The innovation pop-up is a beautifully designed ‘stand’ for experiencing new technologies. In addition, the week-long program consists of keynotes, workshops, information about technology trends, meetings with robots and design-thinking sessions for innovation in your organization. With the innovation pop-up you will kickstart innovation because all employees will start thinking collectively about new applications for your business and  customers.

Innovation pop-up

“I want to introduce my employees and business partners to technology, innovation will be the key to our succes.”

The innovation pop-up week will consist of multiple elements such as:

  • A keynote about exponential technology. The impact of technological change is huge for every business. Why is this going to change our lives and work and how do we deal with this?
  • Experience and explanation of technologies presented within the Innovation pop-up.
  • Team meetings with different themes such as robotization, artificial intelligence, education and care.
  • Workshops with a different perspective such as the Design Thinking method to develop new concepts for your organization, or a workshop on the ethical aspects of innovation and technology.
  • Idea creation, actively invite employees / relations throughout these days to think and particpate about how they would like to apply this for your customers.

The innovation pop-up week contains a set of elements that ensure that your employees and relations will better understand technologies. And be able to gauge its impact by experiencing it first-hand. They will be enabled to take a first step to co-develop relevant services. The exact week will always be made in consultation with you and your employees.

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Innovation pop-up week

Do you want to introduce your employees, partners or residents to new technologies?